Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008
hii guys,

let me give u an instance which may soon happen in your life. put yourself as the hero of this story. and it will be good if you have heroin. you are a student of some stream, in some reputed college. you are quite serious about your studies and you are being hoped of supporting your family as soon as your dad retires. you are not a very rich person, but on the other side, you belong to a middle class family of three or four persons and you are the only bread earner after your dad.

one morning you wake up and follow a usual day. mom serves her love filled breakfast to you, your loving younger school going sister kisses your forehead and sends you to college. you reach the college and come across your lecturers who have a lot of faith in you regardingcthe marks you score to keep the flag of your college waving high.You meet your girl friend who is dreaming of living rest of her life with you. Carrying so much of burden you enter a shopping complex to buy some commodity and a huge explosion hits you taking away hundreds of lives among which yours is one. Imagine the scene when your mom comes to know that her hope is no more. what must be your fathers state when he realises that fate has not spared him to touch his son's ashes. what happens to your sister when she finds one of her loved persons is missing for ever. What happens to your family after your Dad retires from his job. Who will support your family??

One of the most forces threatening the world today is terrorism. It is recruiting the new fresh blood from all parts of the world. the best brains on the planet are being misled. They kill the god in you in the name of religion. Their words mesmerise you to take up this satanic work. If you are one of the persons chosen by such forces, the words i have writte above are for you. go through them once again!!!



well written dude.............i think this post needs to published for more viewers..............

im seeing you ;)