Thursday, February 10, 2011

DAD is buying a new car!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011 0

I expected that the first car of my family would be bought the day I get a job. Since I am still in the 8th semester, my expectation dint quite happen. The process started a few months ago, with my dad collecting catalogues of various carmakers from friends, relatives and co-workers. My dad has this customer who is an auto-car dealer. I am not very sure of what exactly this fellow does, but he has been giving a lot of free advice to my dad regarding the car market.

My dad had been discussing this since many months, but its intensity turned sharp when he realized that there are about 12 cars in the 12th cross alone (my house falls in 12th cross). Since then, ‘cars’ had been a major part of our discussion. We started the car hunt by first being clear about the value to money ratio, mileage, maintenance cost and reputation. We started from Hyundai i10 then surfed through ford fego, Chevrolet beat and spark, Suzuki ritz and ultimately zeroed on the Suzuki Swift VDI.

The decision was made, and my dad joined driving classes. This was the time when my mom intervened and we were compelled to reconsider our decision. Some more cars joined the consideration list. But in the end of the day, when it came to famous Indian middle class question “kitni deti hai yaar”, there is one such car that answered louder than the rest. The all new Suzuki Wagon-R with an ARAI certified mileage of stupefying 18.9 Kmpl!!

We visited the Suzuki show-room the very day, checked it out along with some other cars and booked it. Our car will arrive on 10-feb-2011, and the day is today. I’m waiting with my hands rubbing each other overeating with excitement…

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grow Up, World

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Exams going on, my second post of this month is up. This time I have a reason to post....

Guys, have you ever done anything about global warming?? Me and my friends have decided to make a go green club, we will shortly have a separate blog for it and if funds pile up, a website also.
If your answer to the above question was 'NO' then take the first step towards the noble deed, join our club...and mind you rascala, its free.

Second question is, are u a vegetarian?
I was recently asked to write for a go veg drive, its not occuring to me what to write.
I have imagined a hypothetical situation wherein a innocent vegetarian child goes in sees his dad eating flesh and asks

Child: Don't you feel sympathetic when you eat dead birds?

Dad: Dead birds??!! I don't eat dead birds, I kill them and eat.

Child: why do you have to kill them when there is plenty of food around?

Dad: Coz i like the taste of it...

Child: You end the life of so many creatures just for taste?

Dad: Yes

Child: Its cruelty dad!

Dad: No son, its not.

Child: Dad, then what if there was a creatures bigger than us, how would you feel if it fried me up on pan and ate me?


I humbly request the non-vegetarian readers of this blog to think as a dad a fill the above blank with your reply....

ಬ್ಲಃ Blah

Exam time, no time no mom expects me to say this, but its never the case with me. Its during this time that i have the highest leisure in the whole year. Ill have absolutely nothing to do during these days, since mom holds me from going out, cant watch TV or browse internet. More importantly, least interest to study. So ill be more free during the study holidays than in vacations. Well, that is precisely the reason i have been able to write this post...though i could'nt post it the very day.

As you can see, my language has gone dry, funless and rigid. Its been soo long since I used this language called english(of course except while talking vernacular). I cant remember when i uttered my last complete english line. May be i have a reason to go get a girl friend now.

PS: Can anyone explain to me what this 2G scam is all about??

Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul has predicted!!

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So finally he did, and this is making a headlines in our media!! Its shown with a tag of breaking news. Well if you are unaware of this, let me tell you. there is an octopas named paul, which was found in Sea Life Centre in Weymouth, England, which germans use as an oracle to predict the future. They placed two boxes, one with german flag on it and the other with a spanish flag. The octopas will sit on the box corresopnding to the flag of the country that will win the match. surprise surprise, it chose spain....

Indian media, as expected is making the biggest hype of this little story,happening in some corner of Germany. Guess what, they are covering it live!!! can you believe it?? and the news correspondent is behaving as if spain already won...haha. She is talking as if lord Vishnu couldn't stand the suspense in his devotees and came down to earth in form of octopus to reveal the winner and kill the suspense.

of all the events happening around the world like,
-Hurriyat leader's arrest
-Restrictions on media lifted in Kashmir
- Food inflation at 12.3%
-Gadkari's afzal guru issue
-Arrest of goa's ex-minister
The indian media choose paul's prediction to make a breaking news! OMG!
PS: what if the paul's predictions go wrong? german's may have him for tommorrows breakfast[:P]

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Im So Lonely!!!

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Has it ever happened to you that you are feeling lonely, desperate to chat or talk to someone but there is no one for you. It had never happened to me before but today it did .Which is why Im able to write this second post of the day.
This is the second day of the 2 consecutive holidays we were given. My friends have gone home and I am the only living soul in this entire hostel. I watched 3 movies an a row, got sick, but there was nothing else to do. Then I desperately wanted to talk to some one. I texted my best friend who is in mysore(my childhood frnd). No reply!!! Then I texted my second best friend. Again no reply. Then I called my mom. She is not picking up my call. I feel lost!!!

Planning My Career

Hello readers,
Are you a student of engineering? If yes then have you ever tried to plan your future? Today I tried.
I am a student of Electronics and communication, 6th semester. Today I tried the hectic job of ‘planning my future’…oh sorry ‘trying to plan my future’. I took a sheet of paper and jotted down the various options starting from joining a company to being a lecturer. The options that came to my mind were:

1. Join a product based company
2. Join a service based company
3. Try civil service
4. Write a bank exam
5. Work as an engineer in public sector like BSNL
6. Go for an MBA
7. Go for an M-Tech
8. Join DRDO or ISRO
9. Become a lecturer in some small college
10. Become a lab assistant in some big university
11. Take tuitions for 12std students.
12. Start my own business venture

Well, considering my aggregate, I don’t think a product based company will ever hire me. Regarding civil service, my dad always wanted me to be an IAS. To turn up successful in their entrance exam, I need to learn two subjects having characters opposite to the degree I have. Since I have a BE, I guess I have to learn arts! Which is not so likely to happen. My dad works in a bank, so obviously he expects me to be doing a better job. Next option is BSNL,I don’t think that will be a good option for me. MBA is something I want from an extremely reputed university like the IIM or IIPM. But considering the chances of me getting a 90th percentile in CAT is impossible. Next is DRDO and ISRO; it may not be a good option considering the salary they pay.

After short listing the options, four of them entered the semi finals.
1. Go for an M-Tech
2. Join a service based company
3. Become a lecturer in a small college
4. Start my own business.

After some more thinking, I came up with the solution
- First ill work as a lecturer and at the same time study for GATE. Ill keep attempting GATE till I get a rank good enough to take me to the IISc.
- Ill do my M-Tech in the IISc and then ill work as a lecturer in a reputed university having R & D.
- Ill do a lot of research in that university and get a PhD from IISc or the IIT.
- Then ill get a title called professor, so ill start writing text books on the subject in which I have done research and at the same time present papers at international level.
- Once my text books become popular, I am sure ill get offers from other universities(reputed ones) to take up as an HOD.
- Ill work in that university and go on writing books for a decade or so(once I become popular, more the books I write, more will be the money I earn).
- There are good chances that ill get an offer for the post of principle.
- Ill retire at an age of 60 with an awesome bank balance and good health.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

UFO!! lol

Thursday, October 15, 2009 3
Hello guys,
I got a mail today linking me to website announcing me that a UFO WAS SEEN in Moscow last night. If you are interested in that, please click here. I you have not clicked it then my sincere thanks for having not navigated away, and guess what, you are one of the luckiest persons of the day because you are still reading something that makes sense.... Well let me first ask you, are you a really a UFO enthusiast? If no then read on, this blog is for you(if you are, then come back after a week, I will have written something for you).
Without wasting much of your time, which I always tend to, let me come down straight to the analysis mode. Let’s start with what UFO is. Trust me, before I knew the full form of UFO someone told me what that it is an aircraft or a spacecraft used by the creatures of other planets to loaf around the space and They do visit earth sometimes when our media gets hungry for some hot topic. From this I concluded that UFO would stand for Utter Fictious Object. Then I thought, scientists cant be so wrong. Though it may not be the work of aliens it does involve human beings. It Is then that I came across what Dan Brown wrote in deception point, they are no UFO’s but the super sophisticated air vehicles built in stealth by the American defence. During a test it happened to crash and the senate labeled it as UFO so that the stealth is not leaked. Well if that is the case then there is no problem for Obama if earth comes to an end in 2012(don’t say you haven’t heard of this!), coz Americans will use this ‘super sophisticated’ air craft to evacuate him to mars. Arre wah, he then will be the first president to land on mars. Well who knows, knowing this some Indians may open a dhaba in mars even before Obama lands there.
Well lets get back to the topic. Recently a friend of mine told me that his uncle who is a UFO expert in the US had found a water bottle in the UFO that had fallen sometime back. That was one of the greatest achievements ever made in field of astronomy .if the alien comes with a water bottle then it obviously means that there is water in the planet it has come from. Well can’t believe this fellows uncle because has done one more research which says that sea water is salty because ‘n’ number of fishes piss in that. He seems to have proven it by choosing some fishes randomly, tying tiny plastic bag to its ass and kept it in aquarium. After some seven days, he tasted the water and found that it was less salty than a normal aquarium water.
Ill tell you a surprising thing! I have a cousin who is seven years old(I know its not surprising, read on). I once asked him what he wants to be, and he said “I want to be a alien and visit all nine planets we have in the solar system”. Well, thanks to the UFO enthusiasts. I never even dreamt of a world tour, this little fellow is talking about solar system tour! May be his son will dream of touring the entire milky way!(if you are a poor mortal who doesn’t know what milky way is, click) who knows NASA may invent a vehicle that can travel at a rate of some light years per second....

Oh god, this blog was supposed to be about UFOs! do you believe they exist? give me your answers in the comment section...

im seeing you ;)