Thursday, April 15, 2010

Planning My Career

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Hello readers,
Are you a student of engineering? If yes then have you ever tried to plan your future? Today I tried.
I am a student of Electronics and communication, 6th semester. Today I tried the hectic job of ‘planning my future’…oh sorry ‘trying to plan my future’. I took a sheet of paper and jotted down the various options starting from joining a company to being a lecturer. The options that came to my mind were:

1. Join a product based company
2. Join a service based company
3. Try civil service
4. Write a bank exam
5. Work as an engineer in public sector like BSNL
6. Go for an MBA
7. Go for an M-Tech
8. Join DRDO or ISRO
9. Become a lecturer in some small college
10. Become a lab assistant in some big university
11. Take tuitions for 12std students.
12. Start my own business venture

Well, considering my aggregate, I don’t think a product based company will ever hire me. Regarding civil service, my dad always wanted me to be an IAS. To turn up successful in their entrance exam, I need to learn two subjects having characters opposite to the degree I have. Since I have a BE, I guess I have to learn arts! Which is not so likely to happen. My dad works in a bank, so obviously he expects me to be doing a better job. Next option is BSNL,I don’t think that will be a good option for me. MBA is something I want from an extremely reputed university like the IIM or IIPM. But considering the chances of me getting a 90th percentile in CAT is impossible. Next is DRDO and ISRO; it may not be a good option considering the salary they pay.

After short listing the options, four of them entered the semi finals.
1. Go for an M-Tech
2. Join a service based company
3. Become a lecturer in a small college
4. Start my own business.

After some more thinking, I came up with the solution
- First ill work as a lecturer and at the same time study for GATE. Ill keep attempting GATE till I get a rank good enough to take me to the IISc.
- Ill do my M-Tech in the IISc and then ill work as a lecturer in a reputed university having R & D.
- Ill do a lot of research in that university and get a PhD from IISc or the IIT.
- Then ill get a title called professor, so ill start writing text books on the subject in which I have done research and at the same time present papers at international level.
- Once my text books become popular, I am sure ill get offers from other universities(reputed ones) to take up as an HOD.
- Ill work in that university and go on writing books for a decade or so(once I become popular, more the books I write, more will be the money I earn).
- There are good chances that ill get an offer for the post of principle.
- Ill retire at an age of 60 with an awesome bank balance and good health.


im seeing you ;)