Thursday, October 15, 2009

UFO!! lol

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Hello guys,
I got a mail today linking me to website announcing me that a UFO WAS SEEN in Moscow last night. If you are interested in that, please click here. I you have not clicked it then my sincere thanks for having not navigated away, and guess what, you are one of the luckiest persons of the day because you are still reading something that makes sense.... Well let me first ask you, are you a really a UFO enthusiast? If no then read on, this blog is for you(if you are, then come back after a week, I will have written something for you).
Without wasting much of your time, which I always tend to, let me come down straight to the analysis mode. Let’s start with what UFO is. Trust me, before I knew the full form of UFO someone told me what that it is an aircraft or a spacecraft used by the creatures of other planets to loaf around the space and They do visit earth sometimes when our media gets hungry for some hot topic. From this I concluded that UFO would stand for Utter Fictious Object. Then I thought, scientists cant be so wrong. Though it may not be the work of aliens it does involve human beings. It Is then that I came across what Dan Brown wrote in deception point, they are no UFO’s but the super sophisticated air vehicles built in stealth by the American defence. During a test it happened to crash and the senate labeled it as UFO so that the stealth is not leaked. Well if that is the case then there is no problem for Obama if earth comes to an end in 2012(don’t say you haven’t heard of this!), coz Americans will use this ‘super sophisticated’ air craft to evacuate him to mars. Arre wah, he then will be the first president to land on mars. Well who knows, knowing this some Indians may open a dhaba in mars even before Obama lands there.
Well lets get back to the topic. Recently a friend of mine told me that his uncle who is a UFO expert in the US had found a water bottle in the UFO that had fallen sometime back. That was one of the greatest achievements ever made in field of astronomy .if the alien comes with a water bottle then it obviously means that there is water in the planet it has come from. Well can’t believe this fellows uncle because has done one more research which says that sea water is salty because ‘n’ number of fishes piss in that. He seems to have proven it by choosing some fishes randomly, tying tiny plastic bag to its ass and kept it in aquarium. After some seven days, he tasted the water and found that it was less salty than a normal aquarium water.
Ill tell you a surprising thing! I have a cousin who is seven years old(I know its not surprising, read on). I once asked him what he wants to be, and he said “I want to be a alien and visit all nine planets we have in the solar system”. Well, thanks to the UFO enthusiasts. I never even dreamt of a world tour, this little fellow is talking about solar system tour! May be his son will dream of touring the entire milky way!(if you are a poor mortal who doesn’t know what milky way is, click) who knows NASA may invent a vehicle that can travel at a rate of some light years per second....

Oh god, this blog was supposed to be about UFOs! do you believe they exist? give me your answers in the comment section...



you got quite some info ..


roju vahi boring chehara dekhe thoda bore ho raha.......koyyi outsiders ayyatho thoda exiting hoga naaaaa


hehe evn i knw itz al bullshit....but it s realli interesting to read such sort of stories..;)

im seeing you ;)