Friday, October 9, 2009

My Hacker Classmate

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hey people, do you have any hackers in touch with you? If not then I have one. The man sitting two seats besides me says he is a hacker! I guess he is the first hacker in the world who has gone trumpeting all around the college that he is a hacker. He seems to have hacked google and downloaded private pics from the profiles he is not linked to. Poor fellow, for the entire hostel had all those pics more than a month before he hacked it(if at all he has hacked!). This again is a matter that he is announcing to everyone. Well but if you ask him how he did it, he keeps his mouth zipped and tags it as a secret.

I am, I guess the only living creature in the entire college(or atleast class)to whom he dint tell any such nonsense. Because he knows that if someone comes to me and says ‘Obama took a nude march to Oval office’ I would have believed it more than what this fellow would have said(wink!).

If any one comes to you telling that he is a hacker, give him a smile and ask him to stop joking.

if he says he can hack orkut passwords, laugh in front of his face.

And If he says he has hacked google, just nod your head and leave that place, there is no point talking to idiots.

If he says all above things, just slap him and he will realize that you are not a fool!

PS: lessons of the day

1) Hackers don’t go announcing to the world that they are one(come on man, they have brain).

2) If they do, they are not hackers.

3) Hacking google is not a piece of cake.



ha ha ha thought my jokes were bad , your so called hacker friend is a better joker than others it seems ,actually no personal offense but every REAl HACKER will never let his identity revealed and if he is really hacker we are happy for his talent and best joke of all hacking Google that is out of question any ways nice post

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the 737

Good writing man:) its really a time pass for we people having friends like mr. Hacker;) next time if he starts leaving smokeless rocket in air , i'll surely give my profile to hack. Keep writing. . . God bless you:) Ram ram

im seeing you ;)