Sunday, September 27, 2009

Engineers day

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Hello boys, girls and engineers.
Take the first line from my previous blogs, but this time I am very serious about my apologies for keeping this blog idle. As you can make out from the salutations of this blog, this blog is dedicated to that group of poor creatures, who apparently have gained ability to grasp, assimilate, and digest any fat
Book within a night. I am talking about those achievers whose understand the toughest of the toughest subjects ranging from rocket science and 3 dimensional elecrtomagnetics(field theory) to meaningless bazzire concepts of chemistry. In short, they are called engineers.

I bothered to write this blog because some friend of mine, who happens to be a human being(not engineer) called me up and said “hey happy engineers day”. For a while I was wonder struck thinking why he wished me on engineers day. After some hard thinking I realized that even ill be an engineer in a span of 4 semesters.

Dear reader, do me a favour. Just answer some simple questions I have listed below…
1) Have you been to a movie with your pals form last three months?

2) Have you ever attended a music release function from past six months?

3) Can you name 10 hot(female) new comers of Hollywood?

4) Do you know who kareena kapoor is dating with?

5) Do you know what was discussed in the last G20 summit?

6) Or do you at all know what G20 summit is?

7) Are you absolutely relaxed and have some spare time to water your plants?

8) Do you sleep before 3:00am?

9) Do you walk everyday?

10) Are you confident that you are mentally sound?

If your answer to all above questions is “NO” then, with hundred percent guaranty, I say that you are an engineer. Or at least a student of engineering.

Though we have forgotten the taste of vada pav, or the name of the last movie that we saw or don’t have even a slightest idea of what G20 summit actually is. We are proud of what we are.
Every little activity of the world depends on the devices that we have designed. We work hard,
Break our head and spend nights learning nonsense just to make some work a bit more easier for the common man. We should be proud of ourselves because the very existence of the world depends on us. We should be proud because we are not ‘engineers’, but we are “THE engineers”,
We move the world….belated wishes of the engineers day…cheers.



hhhmmm cool........u are one proud engineer.........hope u'll invent some new things in future............all the best


thanx arvind. i very certainly will.

im seeing you ;)