Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul has predicted!!

Friday, July 9, 2010
So finally he did, and this is making a headlines in our media!! Its shown with a tag of breaking news. Well if you are unaware of this, let me tell you. there is an octopas named paul, which was found in Sea Life Centre in Weymouth, England, which germans use as an oracle to predict the future. They placed two boxes, one with german flag on it and the other with a spanish flag. The octopas will sit on the box corresopnding to the flag of the country that will win the match. surprise surprise, it chose spain....

Indian media, as expected is making the biggest hype of this little story,happening in some corner of Germany. Guess what, they are covering it live!!! can you believe it?? and the news correspondent is behaving as if spain already won...haha. She is talking as if lord Vishnu couldn't stand the suspense in his devotees and came down to earth in form of octopus to reveal the winner and kill the suspense.

of all the events happening around the world like,
-Hurriyat leader's arrest
-Restrictions on media lifted in Kashmir
- Food inflation at 12.3%
-Gadkari's afzal guru issue
-Arrest of goa's ex-minister
The indian media choose paul's prediction to make a breaking news! OMG!
PS: what if the paul's predictions go wrong? german's may have him for tommorrows breakfast[:P]


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