Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grow Up, World

Thursday, December 16, 2010
Exams going on, my second post of this month is up. This time I have a reason to post....

Guys, have you ever done anything about global warming?? Me and my friends have decided to make a go green club, we will shortly have a separate blog for it and if funds pile up, a website also.
If your answer to the above question was 'NO' then take the first step towards the noble deed, join our club...and mind you rascala, its free.

Second question is, are u a vegetarian?
I was recently asked to write for a go veg drive, its not occuring to me what to write.
I have imagined a hypothetical situation wherein a innocent vegetarian child goes in sees his dad eating flesh and asks

Child: Don't you feel sympathetic when you eat dead birds?

Dad: Dead birds??!! I don't eat dead birds, I kill them and eat.

Child: why do you have to kill them when there is plenty of food around?

Dad: Coz i like the taste of it...

Child: You end the life of so many creatures just for taste?

Dad: Yes

Child: Its cruelty dad!

Dad: No son, its not.

Child: Dad, then what if there was a creatures bigger than us, how would you feel if it fried me up on pan and ate me?


I humbly request the non-vegetarian readers of this blog to think as a dad a fill the above blank with your reply....


im seeing you ;)