Saturday, November 1, 2008

fun in bus

Saturday, November 1, 2008
hii readers...
This time i wont open this blog with a sorry face, coz this is my second blog this week. Let me repent, i really don't know
what to write about, but i just want to keep blogging. This time i have come out with something that happened today.

-- I had kept my laptop for charging last night, hoping that it gets fully charged and it would be able to live with out the charger
the whole day.(That is actually too much to expect, coz i have never found a laptop which could run for a whole day with out charging. tell me if u find one!!!).
-- i opened my laptop and found that its was not charged, i reached out to the plug and found that it was because i forgot to turn on the switch.

-- i charged it for half an hour and took it out with me to kill the boredom of journey.

-- i climbed into the bus.

-- as soon as i turned it on, the first thing i noticed was not the windows icon but the reflection on ten pairs of eyes
peeping into The LCD display of my laptop.

-- i finally managed to shoo them away, and continue with my browsing job, which i am most fond of when i travel in a bus.

-- I opened the Internet manager and found that the wifi signals were too low to carry out heavy jobs like browsing.
but common, its me "Ravindra"...reasons cant stop me!!!! lol.

-- I connected my mobile phone to my laptop and started off with my work. The conductor eying at my restlessness to get connected must have mistaken me for a
terrorist. lol

-- I opened my orkut home page and saw that i have an unread message( hey i never get messages at orkut!!). When it was on its way to get opened, the connection
broke down. but i saw something that made me do almost anything to get connected back and read the message....i could not see the message but i read the senders was 'RHEA', which is the name of a creature who closely resembles a human female.

-- The problem with connection was that i dint have network. i Remembered the promise of hutch(now vodafone) whose network dog follows everywhere you go. Soon
i inserted my hutch sim and checked the network...that dog seems to have hit a truck and died.

-- I never got messages in orkut, but this time i got one. that too from a girl. so common guys, i had no other option.

-- My next obvious option was BSNL(i don't have BSNL sim, i don't have all sim cards of all companies. i only have two. hutch and airtel).

-- But the person sitting next to me had BSNL. But i cant abruptly cant turn to him and ask for his sim card.

-- i first said 'hello'. His voice was too low and to top all that, he was chewing 'paan'.

-- He said hello, and said something and i dint understand. After 3 minuets of constant thinking and analysis, i realised that what he said was "how are you".

-- I said I am fine and asked him where he goes.(the bus had only one stop and the answer was obvious. still i found no better question to break the ice)

-- he said he is going to XXXX. and in turn asked me where i am

-- i told XXXX. and he said "OK".

-- He asked me what i am doing, and i proudly answered "engineering!!!"

-- I guess that was the answer he was wanting, with his fingers crossed. he started telling me his son's story when he, co-incindentially did engineering.

-- the story went for more then an hour and i thought..."man you better write a biography on him. and it will be considered the most horrible torture the mankind would ever read in the history of literature.

-- It was last Ten minuets of journey, and i got to the point. I asked him if he can give his SIM for a while. and he obliged.

-- but to my missfortune, That fellow had not activated GPRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- i had to do that and that took a hell lot of time, and the bus reached XXXX.

-- I had to give back his simcard. all i did with it was to take it, activate GPRS and give it back.

-- I could not stop myself from reading that message from her.

-- i took a cab and asked him to take me to a nearest browsing centre.

-- paying him over a hundred bugs, i reached a computer having access to the cyber world.

-- soon i opened orkut and read the message....

-- to my wonder, it was not a message, but an invitation to "I BRUSH MY TEETH COMMUNITY".

i got pissed off and shut down the computer.

well guys if you want to visit my orkut profile,


the 737

it was just amazing
by the way did u join that great community !!!!
the name of that community was really funny
keep going


really a gud 1!!!

im seeing you ;)