Sunday, November 9, 2008

10 reasons why you need a girlfriend

Sunday, November 9, 2008
Let me make some facts straight, the topic " 10 reasons why you need a girlfriend" doesn't imply that i have one. I am completly single and all girls reading this are welcome to try.

well comming back to the topic, the reasons are

1) TOM has one, Nikhil has one, Jamy has one and how come you dont??? common guys, its the question of your respect in the modern society.
2) You get a discount in almost all standard discos if you go in a pair.
3) Common man, who else will help you drawing the figures in your biology record?????
4) If your age is 24 and you are not involved with any women yet,u are considered a gay.
5) You will have some one to wish you "happy birthday" at twelve o clock in the night. and yeah, if you are in good terms with her, you have chances of winning a birthday
6) If your are going to a movie for some real fun, the movie doesn't necessarily have to be interesting if you are with your girl friend.
7) You will have the latest updates of the gossips going on in the girls row....
8) If its the day of your result, and you have strong instincts that you will flunk....dont worry, you have a company.
9) If you and your girl friend are in the same class, and if she is regular to her classes, you will have less chances of loosing out money on attendence shortage!!!!
10)You will be very punctual in servicing your vehicle....

so guys, what are you waiting for. go and get some one....gooo........


the 737

common brother
u just have written some ones experience
just hav one and next time writ ur own experience


Good one..!! All of them are true...!! But the eighth one 'If its the day of your result, and you have strong instincts that you will flunk....dont worry, you have a company.' seem to be a bit wrong...Actually a girlfriend never allows her boyfriend to flunk as she will make him read...!! And i m sure that the guy will read a lot in order to impress the gal and her parents...!!


dats really coool man......


comeon man a single person cannot experience evrything so he just observes others experiences.........


its crazy just lik u... exactly experience matter a lot dude...... u cant guess just lik tht... r u datin ny one??? nauthy boy ::)))))

im seeing you ;)