Sunday, December 21, 2008

The day before Exam

Sunday, December 21, 2008
hello world.
how r u?? i have been fine till now. guess what,tomorrow at 9.30 Am I have an exam, on one of the deathliest subjects in engineering. Some scholars have named that horror as ANALOG ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS. Well you may be wondering what the hell am i doing here instead of spending some passive hours on my study table. What can i do guys, couldn't resist to write.
and moreover, the marks you get depends on many more factors than studying.
some of them are listed below...

1. A study in some university(no no not VTU!!), has revealed that the water content in your body tonight has some effect on your thinking abilities for the day next. Since there is a lott to study today, i wont be having time to drink water and all. this may hamper my performance tomorrow. And according to my calculation, if you have a studious neighbour and you don't want him to score well in the exam, just tell him that you saw a lizard in his water tank.

2. Your marks also depends on the person who corrects your answer paper, and also on how much he knows about the subject(if at all he knows anything!!). If you are a student of VTU then you can assume that the person correcting your paper may not be a teacher of that subject. I have heard of CS dpt lecturers correcting Electronics papers and the E and C lecturers hanging with the CS papers....well it does happen, coz VTU believes in innovation. ahem ahem, coming back to the topic, you may ask me how it depends on the person valuating your paper. well it depends on his girl friend or his wife if he has one.
The logic goes something like this, if she is good looking and they aer in good terms with each other, the lecturer will be over confident and will surely ignore your ideas and give marks for what ever he thinks is right. if his girl friend is not such a good looking and they are not in good terms with each other, he'll find your paper a means to remove your frustration.
so it will be ideal to write something like this in the beginning of your paper

" married and committed people are advised to stay away from this paper"
well there are many more factors which ill be affecting your result, ill be writing it in my further posts.

so study well and do well. that's all you can do about it...lolz

if you are not the person who falls under "ill score without studying" list then i have some tips for you on what you can do in the exam hall since you wont be knowing anything.(someone sent me these tips in email!!!).

lets say the exam is for 3hrs. its from 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM
1) from 9-9.30, fill the details like register number, subject code carefully in the answer sheet.
2) 9.30-10, read the question thoroughly and carefully.
3) 10-10.45, see if you can understand any of those questions.
4)10.45-11.15 ask for drinking and make multiple demands. after all you have done so much of work.
5) 11.15-12 Read the question paper again and see if there is anything that you think is wrong. write its question number. you may get grace marks for wrong questions.
6) 12-12.20, go through all the details you have filled.
7) last ten minuets-----relax!!!


im seeing you ;)